About Us

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Simcoe County Farm Fresh Marketing Association was formed as a grass-roots organization in 2005 and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2007. The association is made up of area farmers, farmers’ markets, restaurants and includes other community partners in the health field, food security, government, tourism and economic development. All have an interest in raising the awareness of the availability of locally grown food.

Our Mission Statement:

"To promote and advocate local food production, processing, distribution and consumption for the purpose of sustaining the local food system in Simcoe County"

Our strategic priorities include:

There are many small and mid-size farms in Simcoe County working to meet the growing demand for local foods. This web site is one of the ways we are creating awareness of the availability of local food and to connect consumers directly to farmers and businesses who are selling wholesome, nutritious, food close to our own backyards!

Did you eat today? Thank a farmer!

Individual producers and food services are responsible for their products and growing/preparation methods.

Simcoe County Farm Fresh is not responsible for the quality of products sold, nor do we guarantee hours of operation listed.