A brief analysis of the Bulletproof G-wagon

Bulletproof G-wagons

Today many cars are considered as bulletproof but are damaged in the tests that have been performed. Like the Mercedes Benz is considered to be the finest vehicle among the cars used for military purposes. But as per the new development of the Bulletproof G-wagon the company which owns the ranges of Mercedes have fewer sales. By having this vehicle you can give yourself a new taste of having the armed vehicle.

INKAS is the company producing the large ranger of the bulletproof vehicles that are used mostly in military work. The cars are made exclusively of good quality which assures the buyers about the minimal chances of a breakdown. A most attractive feature in the Bulletproof G-wagon is the pure leather oriented monogram interior designing. The icon of the car is now developed as and had been made attractive and the exterior has changed. They are also preferred in the international channels because of the modified model which was released in 2019.

Features of the vehicle

The Bulletproof G-wagon comes with different standards of armouring features. Some of the features that it consists are as follows-

  • High-quality multi-layer bullet resistance glass
  • Electronic control module
  • Run-flat devices
  • Passenger compartment
  • Vehicle security system

Apart from these features the vehicle you can also add some more features like heavy-duty brake system, heavy-duty wheels, emergency light system, and fire suppression system. By these features, the cars are widely preferred among people and the military services.

Bulletproof G-wagon

Models of the bulletproof armed vehicle

There are several models of the best Bulletproof G-wagon. But the most preferred model that is upgraded and released is the Mercedes. The two most preferred models are-

  • Mercedes Benz G-class- this is the resigned model that has been carried on from 1979. The newly added features make the car the best bulletproof and the attractive car in the world. Not only in the domestic market but in the international market of the car sellers these cars are widely preferred. The exterior has been enhanced by keeping some features of the old build model. The car is now longer and wider as compared to the previous model that was used in the military forces. They are started with the multi-functions of the steering wheels and the infotainment system updated with the touch-sensitive switches.
  • Mercedes AMG G63- this model revealed with the monumental performance marking it the first off-roader vehicle among all the preferred cars. It can as per the wide horsepower with the high twin turbo. The car model released is much faster than the old model of the Mercedes. The car is handled by the full automatic as well as the manual mode that is available with the latest technologies. Other than these there are several other features of the car model that it has metallic paintwork as standard, red brake callipers, and the distinctive trim elements.

So, have fun with the types of Bulletproof G-wagon cars and use its attractive features as well.